The 2023 World Conference on Science Literacy held in Beijing

BEIJING, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a news release from China Research Institute for Science Popularization: The 2023 World Conference on Science Literacy was held in Beijing on September 19th-20th. About 700 Chinese and foreign delegates from 13 international organizations and 29 national S&T institutions met in Beijing. Under the theme of “Improving Science Literacy and Building a Prosperous World—Join Hands on the Path Towards Modernization“, the participants, including heads of the international organizations and national S&T institutions, distinguished scientists, well-known scholars, policy makers and those experienced in science popularization, who focused on strengthening science popularization and improving the public’s science literacy to step up modernization, held discussions on how to promote all peoples to explore the road to modernization.

At the opening ceremony, representatives from the UNESCO, the ISC, the WFEO, the UNICEF, and the UN Women, delivered speeches. 5 keynote speeches were centered on topics such as “Science Popularization for stepping up modernization”, “Higher Scientific Literacy means Greater Harmony between Man and Nature”, etc.

It is reported that the conference consists of five parts – an opening ceremony, keynote speeches, a summit forum, a thematic forum, and a closing ceremony. The thematic forum is divided into 8 sessions, covering topics including “Developing Teenagers’ Scientific Interests to foster Talented Reserves for Basic Sciences”, “New Looks of Science Popularization featuring Integration of Science and Art”, “Paradigm Transformation of Popular Science Creation and Communication”, etc.

SOURCE China Research Institute for Science Popularization