The Beginning of Beautyverse – Unveiling Colorbar Website 2.0

Loaded with beauty and a vanity bag full of AI, Colorbar Cosmetics, one of India’s leading beauty brands, announces the launch of its website 2.0. AI and AR-enabled technology meet a visually stunning interface in this new platform. The result? An unmatched hyper-real online shopping experience.

Colorbar Cosmetics

The standout feature of the new website, Virtual Makeup Try-On, presents augmented reality in a new avatar. This tool allows users to try on makeup virtually, with precision, across seven categories: Lips, Foundation, Blush, Mascara, Eyelashes, Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow. The trials match what one would see in the real world, enabling beauty buffs to figure out their next big looks from the comfort of their homes.

Another powerful addition is the groundbreaking FIR (Find It Right) System, which guarantees precise foundation matches. This system accurately identifies both skin tone and undertone, transforming the way users find their perfect foundation match online. A flawless base is just a few clicks away.

Colorbar’s new website also introduces its state-of-the-art Skin Analysis technology. Initially set up at its exclusive stores, this AI-enabled technology offers personalized insights about the skin’s condition, including skin age testing and acne scanning, all with a digital scan of the face. It measures the effectiveness of the current skincare regimen, provides tailored recommendations, and delivers personalized beauty solutions that enhance the shopping experience multifold. Furthermore, to elevate user engagement, Colorbar’s website 2.0 incorporates gamification at various steps of the consumer journey.

“Colorbar 2.0 represents a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to revolutionise the beauty industry,” says Samir Krishan Modi, Founder and Managing Director of Colorbar Cosmetics. “By integrating advanced AI and AR technologies on our website, Colorbar goes beyond traditional online shopping by creating a personalised and magical experience for customers.

With our campaign ‘#YourPerfectMatch’, we are not only launching a new version of the website but are also introducing a virtual beauty expert that empowers our customers to opt for the perfect products with confidence and ease. This initiative embodies our unwavering commitment to leveraging the latest technological advancements in order to enhance the beauty journey of every individual. We are redefining the beauty experience by ensuring that our offerings ignite the magic within for all those who engage with our brand. Our vision is to set a new benchmark in the industry, where technology and beauty converge to create an extraordinary, magical journey for all beauty lovers.”

In lieu of the launch, Colorbar introduces the campaign ‘#YourPerfectMatch’, an apt hashtag for the technology-loaded website. This campaign aims to generate awareness of the beginning of this beautyverse that eliminates guesswork, helps build a perfect beauty portfolio, and positions Colorbar as your virtual beauty expert. Visit their socials for a glimpse into this new world.

Colorbar is ‘Made for Magic’ and consists of one of the largest and most diverse product portfolios in the beauty categor. The brand attracts beauty enthusiasts interested in tutorials, makeup lessons, and high-quality cosmetics. Committed to redefining the beauty experience, Colorbar’s products meet international standards of quality and innovation. The launch of Colorbar 2.0 is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing customers with the best in beauty.

Step into the future of beauty shopping with Colorbar’s 2.0 version of the website, where every click is a touch of magic. Enjoy expert advice, personalized insights, and a seamless online experience like never before. Open the doors to this magical beautyverse by visiting