The Old Schoolhouse®: Aligning with New Homeschooling Trends and the Call for Personalized Education –

Gray, TN, February 23, 2024 –(– In response to a recent article by Artis Shepherd, published by the Mises Institute, The Old Schoolhouse® reaffirms its commitment to providing homeschooling resources that align with the growing need for personalized, value-based education. The article underscores the importance of homeschooling as a very real solution to the changing educational landscape and the culture’s societal values.

Key Points from The Old Schoolhouse®:

Schoolhouse Network: In line with Shepherd’s advocacy for homeschooling, The Old Schoolhouse® offers the Schoolhouse Network, which includes centralized homeschool co-ops, facilitating a community-based learning environment. Offering over 400 online courses, this platform provides a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that caters to the individual needs and values of homeschooling families, echoing the need for personalized education highlighted in the article.

Supporting Homeschooling Growth: Recognizing the rise in homeschooling, The Old Schoolhouse® continues to develop resources and support systems to meet the demands of this growing educational trend.

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