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Ukiah, CA, November 27, 2023 –(PR.com)– A new web series from the educational platform Personal Plants is set to educate people about the healthy and balanced use of substances like cannabis and mushrooms as “The Truth About the Plant” takes viewers on an immersive and practical journey through the enigmatic world of psychoactive plants. Hosted by Christina Dees, M.S., and Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW, this series promises to deliver not just entertainment, but the real, actionable insights audiences crave in a short form, accessible format.

“We’re thrilled to introduce ‘The Truth About the Plant,’ a series that goes beyond the surface to explore the fascinating relationship between humanity and psychoactive plants and their modern day uses. Our aim is to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding, backed by science, and delivered with an engaging flair by our esteemed hosts,” remarked Dr. Amanda Reiman, the creator behind the series and Founder of Personal Plants.

Meet the Hosts:
– Christina Dees, M.S.: Bringing a wealth of knowledge in the media, Christina Dees is your guide into your personal understanding of psychoactive plants. Her passion for demystifying complex concepts makes the series both accessible and enriching.
– Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW: With a 20+ year background in cannabis science, Dr. Amanda Reiman adds an academic perspective to the series. Her expertise ensures that the information presented is not only engaging but also grounded in scientific rigor.

Episode Sneak Peek:
1. “Can You Overdose on Marijuana?”: This episode answers the important questions about the risks of over-consuming cannabis and how to manage these risks while preserving the benefits of using the plant.
2. “Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for You?”: People are all taught about the harms of smoking cigarettes, but does smoking cannabis pose the same risks? In this episode, the hosts address the potential harms of smoking marijuana and suggest some healthier alternatives.

“The Truth About the Plant” can be found on YouTube. Viewers are invited to embark on this transformative and practical journey, gaining profound, yet accessible insights into the healthy and balanced use of psychoactive plants. https://www.youtube.com/@PersonalPlants

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About “The Truth About the Plant”:
“The Truth About the Plant” is a valuable web series hosted by Christina Dees, M.S., and Amanda Reiman, PhD, MSW. Part of the Personal Plants universe and offering a unique blend of entertainment and education, the series explores the intricate world of psychoactive plants from a practical perspective, delivering actionable insights for a transformative yet accessible viewing experience.