Themba Levi J. Mafico’s Newly Released “WHISPERING HOPE: Heeding the Still, Small Voice” is a Powerful Memoir That Takes Readers on a Journey of Faith and Determination –

Smyrna, GA, September 15, 2023 –(– “WHISPERING HOPE: Heeding the Still, Small Voice”: an enjoyable narrative of life that explores the peaks and valleys with mutual respect. “WHISPERING HOPE: Heeding the Still, Small Voice” is the creation of published author Themba Levi J. Mafico, who was born in 1943 on a rustic strip of land between Mozambique and Rhodesia. He is the fourth born among twelve siblings. Heeding the divine call, Mafico trained as a minister of the United Church of Christ and was ordained to serve the Harare congregation in 1964. After serving as a full-time pastor for six years, Mafico enrolled at the University of Rhodesia from where he completed the BA degree in 1970. In 1971, he served as the first black chaplain and religious studies instructor at his alma mater, Chikore Secondary School. He then proceeded to Harvard University in August 1971 to pursue the ThM, MA, and PhD degree, thus becoming the first black person to obtain a doctorate degree in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization in Old Testament in the history of Harvard.

Mafico shares, “Whispering Hope is a spiritual and motivational book written to help those who, like Themba Mafico’s grueling life’s journey, feel hopelessly hemmed in abject poverty. Heeding the small, still voice, as its subtitle alludes, demonstrates by many examples how one can overcome poverty, inordinate crises, innumerable political and racial impediments.

“Inspired by Elijah’s sojourn to the mountain of God where he was invigorated by a small, still voice, the book teaches the importance of periodically withdrawing from the crowd and noises. Mafico’s life demonstrates that in stillness one comes to know God, and in waiting that he reinvigorates and mounts up, like an eagle, to the pinnacle of life.

“This book narrates a triumphant journey against all odds spurred by listening to one’s inner small still voice that continuously sounds words of encouragement, advice, and good cheer to keep hope alive. Without hope, a person in crisis encounters God’s silence and threatening noises and a myriad of adversarial situations. But in stillness and quietude, one hears God’s still, small voice whispering encores of hope. The hullabaloo, melee, and cacophony submerge God’s voice, plunging a sufferer into a hopeless void.

“The book is replete with anecdotes, stories, and experiences that teach tenacity, courage, perseverance, long-suffering, endurance, staying the course, and setting one’s face unflinchingly like flint inching toward the prize. Moreover, Mafico’s story subtly teaches how reliance on the biblical teaching, parental advice and instructions, and hard work lead to a wholesome life filled with confidence and unstinting hope. When facing a unique and difficult situation, a still, small voice is heard saying, ‘This, too, shall pass.’ By compelling examples, Mafico has demonstrated the spiritual and mental strength derived from living a disciplined lifestyle filled with hope.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Themba Levi J. Mafico’s new book will captivate readers as they witness a journey filled with God’s guiding hand.

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