Tony Suits’s Newly Released “The Throwaways: Broken Fever” Unveils a Gripping Tale of Redemption and Divine Intervention –

Aurora, CO, March 28, 2024 –(– “The Throwaways: Broken Fever”: a captivating journey through the lives of three seemingly lost souls, unraveling a narrative that explores the depths of God’s unending grace. “The Throwaways: Broken Fever” is the creation of published author, Tony Suits, a dedicated husband, father, and alumnus of University of Colorado.

Suits shares, “Tom Duvall is number two in Creo Vargas’s vast criminal empire in Southern California. Vargas orders a clean sweep of a rival’s crack den, but when Tom finds a crack mother nursing her newborn child in the den, he kills his crew to protect her and her child. Before the three of them can get away, two strangers appear—a tattooed blonde surfer and a muscle-bound professor. They have come for Tom.

“Carla Vega is far from her poor Mexico village. She stays in luxury hotels in Miami Beach and owns a corvette. She also lures young girls into a trade that she was forced into at age thirteen. Lila is just any other little girl, so why does Carla care about her so much that she will risk everything to run with her? Carla’s handlers catch them before they can run. Three strangers suddenly appear and prevent her handlers from harming her and Lila, but these same strangers have come for Carla.

“Reed Elliott wakes up in a strange studio apartment. Was he drugged the previous night? Reed is happy with his life as a meth dealer in Vegas, but has that life led him to this strange apartment? Reed hears voices coming from an air duct of the apartment, voices from a young man named Tom and a young woman named Carla.

“’The Throwaways: Broken Fever’ is a look at the end times through the eyes of three young adults who have all but rejected the love of Jesus Christ. They are brought to the campus, where they witness supernatural events, are taught about their own unique gifts, and experience God’s true love, compassion, and long-suffering nature. They must choose a path, one that could lead to prison, destruction, freedom, or salvation. Whatever their choice, their lives will be changed forever.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tony Suits’s new book is a compelling testament to the transformative power of faith that will delight the imagination and inspire the spirit.

Consumers can purchase “The Throwaways: Broken Fever” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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