Founder and CEO Jim West Mods “Power of AI in Cybersecurity” Panel for Cyber First, Kuwait June 4 –

Houston, TX, June 05, 2024 –(– Jim West, Cybersecurity Expert, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of, moderated “Highlighting the Revolutionary Power of AI in Cybersecurity – Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Confront Cyberattacks and Advanced Threats” panel for Cyber First, Kuwait on June 4 at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The panel featured: Abdulaziz Alhajeri, Information Security Officer, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS); Aydin Aslaner, Cybersecurity Director, Microsoft, Husain Al-Bustan, CISO, Kuwait National Petroleum Company; Issa Al Suwait, General Manager, stc Kuwait; and Mercedes Vázquez, General Manager, ESK Holding.

The four key areas the panel focused on were:
1. The role of artificial intelligence in threat detection – enhancing capabilities, identifying patterns, and quickly identifying anomalies in the evolving cyber threat landscape.
2. The effectiveness of artificial intelligence-based response strategies – exploring their impact on mitigating cyber threats.
3. Challenges and benefits of behavioral analytics based on artificial intelligence – analysis of the obstacles and advantages of its implementation.
4. The importance of adaptive AI models – highlighting the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to confront new cyber threats.

“The speed at which AI models learn and are integrated globally into our everyday lives will only increase. We’re already seeing AI enhance current and evolving threats against systems and networks in every industry. Our response to these emerging threats needs to always be adapting and adjusting to how we fully address the nine core security principles to adequately defend our systems and networks,” said West.

West has worked in the IT and cybersecurity industry for more than 32 years across many sectors including commercial, space, federal, and defense. He is a multi-domain expert, in the fields of Biometrics, Risk Management, Security Analysis, and Network and Systems Auditing. West is also known for winning the 2021 Cyber Security Awards “Cyber Personality of the Year” for his notable drive and passion for helping others, after being short-listed for the award in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

He holds multiple certifications, which include CISSP-ISSEP, ISSMP, GSLC, GCIH, GSNA, GPEN, G2700, PMP, C-CISO, S-CISO, and many others. He has been invited to speak at Cyber Security conferences and events worldwide, including the NSA IA Symposium, Texas Technology Summit, CSfC Tech Day, TechNet Korea, Global CISO Forum, Cyber Bowl, Best Cyber Ranger, and many others. West is also an award-winning author and writer. His “Cyber Security and Test Tips” eBook was placed in the “100 Best Cyber Security Books of All Time” list by

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