TORRAS Launches Ostand Series To Address Unsolvable Problems for Phone Users

The Ostand series integrates remarkable solutions, elevating the overall iPhone 15 experience.

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TORRAS, a brand known for offering a wide selection of kickstand cases, recently unveiled the latest Ostand series that integrates neodymium magnets, a versatile kickstand, a ring holder, and military-grade protection, allowing users to enjoy the best protection and next-level convenience without needing to carry a separate accessory.

Strong and Lightweight Airbag Solution

The iPhone 15 lineup introduces a titanium design to withstand daily wear and tear, but titanium scratches easily and costs more for repairs as it’s relatively soft and expensive. The Ostand series addresses these concerns by seamlessly combining full body protection and minimal weight impact.

The flagship Ostand SS ShieldMate case, exclusively designed for the Pro models of the iPhone 15 series, includes dedicated air-filled bumpers on all four sides to effectively absorb and disperse the impact through the cushioning power of the air. With strong yet light protection, users can confidently embrace daily activities without the burden of a heavy case.

Elevate the Photography Experience

While the iPhone 15 series offers professional-level photography, users may encounter a challenge — the absence of a reliable mobile holder to capture portraits, wildlife photos, or moments from afar.

To fully address this issue, the Ostand series conceals a flexible kickstand that props up the phone horizontally, vertically, and at flexible angles for more creative control, helping users achieve desired results from different angles and distances without the necessity of an additional selfie stick or tripod.

Make StandBy Mode Better With Ostand

With a magnetic kickstand seamlessly integrates into the case without any protrusion or interference with the wireless experience, the Ostand cases work flawlessly with all MagSafe accessories, from chargers and card wallets to car mounts and stands, making it more convenient for the user to enjoy the latest feature in iOS 17 — StandBy Mode, where you transform your iPhone into a bedside clock.

TORRAS Ostand series is now available on Amazon and the official website.


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