Trademark Application Filed for Moderation February by Folly Beach Business Owner; Website Launched –

Folly Beach, SC, February 16, 2024 –(– Folly Beach resident and business owner Sam Meader has launched a new concept website that seeks to ride the wave of popularity of Dry January over the last decade. The premise is simple: Moderation February™ is a commitment to using a set of tools that allows you to ease back into drinking after a month without alcohol. The domain went live on Feb 5, and Meader has filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the name.

“I know a lot of people who’ve completed Dry January – myself included – but then ended up drinking more in February than they normally do to make up for lost time after a month of abstinence,” said Meader. “Whereas Dry January is a fixed period of time that requires drastic behavioral changes for most participants, Moderation February™ offers tangible tools and tactics you can literally carry with you – not just in February – but any day, any week, or any month throughout the year to help lower your alcohol consumption.”

In 2023, Meader created a tool called the First Round Last Call Challenge Coin™ that has changed his relationship with alcohol, and consistently limits his intake to just two drinks. He has a patent pending on it, and it’s so effective it comes with a personal guarantee that it works. The successful launch of this coin and the website,, in September 2023 gave him the confidence to create Moderation February™.

Meader explains, “After my own struggles with alcohol I created this Challenge Coin for myself, and it was so effective I started offering it to friends and family. Once I put it up on the website the coins started selling like crazy. The world is ready for a conversation on moderation.”

John B. was an early adopter of the The First Round Last Call Challenge Coin™. According to John, “This challenge coin is an interesting concept – it definitely helps limit my drinking when I bring it to a bar.”

Meader was working on his Moderation project when Samantha Miller was tragically killed on Folly Beach by an alleged drunk driver on her wedding night in April 2023. After that he got involved with and sponsored events for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In addition, Meader cohosts a podcast with Andy Whiteside, CEO of XenTegra Corporation of Charlotte, NC, to raise awareness about moderation drinking and overconsumption at corporate events. XenTegra is a national provider of IT Solutions, and according to Whiteside, “I’ve seen a lot of problems with this- especially at trade shows/conferences – and had to personally discipline employees for drinking too much. Many of my CEO friends are dealing with it too. Sam’s message and platform is helping me address this.”

Meader operates his websites and giving campaigns through an entity he created in 2023 called Moderation Movement LLC. He and his wife Katherine Grimes own and manage 15 short term rentals on Folly Beach and have been operating since 2012 under The RatherShacks brand.

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