Transafe Dharma Persada Successfully Conduct Talent Development Program XI – 2024 –

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, February 08, 2024 –(– Great organizations acknowledge their employees and are often stated as “Talent.” These Talents have to be improved and developed.

Talent development is the practice of learning new skills and honing existing ones. With help from their employer, employees can take time to learn how to use new technologies and techniques, develop their knowledge of an industry or subject matter, and grow their competencies across different areas. Talent development is important because employers want highly skilled employees, and employees want to succeed in their roles.

Tenaga Kerja Kompeten Indonesia aid Transafe Dharma persada’s Talent Development Program batch eleven (TDP XI)

Dony Budidharma, President Director of Transafe Dharma Persada Group officially closes Transafe Dharma Persada’s Talent Development program XI. The theme for this event is: “The 7 Pillars.” This theme refers to the 7 pillars socialized earlier in the General Meeting. These pillars will not just make Transafe the leader in this industry but also elevate the company to the next 10 levels.

The program was conducted from Jan 29 – Feb 2 2024. The opening was held at Wisma Banten. The event took place in Transafe Indonesia’s training center across south Jakarta. 26 Participants came from various offices and departments in Transafe Universe.

Leading this program is a committee led by Ms. Nurhasna and Ms. Nia Nurhayati for the whole program. Other colleagues on the committee are Mrs. Windhy Oktaviani, Mrs. Fitriana Purba, Ms. Annisa Akila, Ms. Fatia Adilla, and Mr. Alfonso Keangg Ndiken. Mr. Sanusi, Mr. Pratama Jaya and Mr. Hardih Lumelle.

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Awarded Best participant is Mrs. Dewi Supriyatin from HR.

Mr. Dony Budidharma stated that this season is different. 75% of employees joined this program for the whole week. This means that the rest, 25%, must work together to conduct training for clients. This is so challenging. But with great leadership, strategy, and tactics, the operation is done greatly as well as the program.

Mr. Luki, Senior Advisor from TKKI who took a class training said that Transafe Dharma Persada is a leading name in training, conducting, and personnel certification now. With the big name comes a bigger challenge. The challenge for the future requires trained and well-prepared future people. Modern Challenge, also, needs Modern Solutions, provided by these new talents.