Turning the Page on Nine: Cyrusher’s Ninth Anniversary Celebration


LOGAN, Utah, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cyrusher Sports Brand embarked on a momentous journey as it kicked off its ninth anniversary celebration on September 12th, 2023. Reflecting on nine years of relentless growth and innovation, Cyrusher vehicles have not only traversed land but also conquered waters, achieving milestones that have left a mark on our industry.

Throughout these nine remarkable years, Cyrusher’s unwavering commitment to innovation and uncompromising quality, and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction has set Cyrusher apart. The greatest accomplishment is in the trust and loyalty Cyrusher has garnered from valued customers. High-quality products have earned Cyrusher the admiration of a diverse customer base and, today, Cyrusher proudly serves a global community with E-bikes and other products that cater to various cultural backgrounds and preferences.

Cyrusher Ninth Anniversary Promotion

For the past nine extraordinary years, Cyrusher has remained committed to providing riders around the world with cost-effective products featuring innovative and green technology for short-distance mobility. The quality of their products stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence and ingenuity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and redefining industry standards.

This journey began as a dream and has transformed into a tangible reality, thanks to the unswerving support of loyal customers. To express their gratitude and celebrate this achievement, Cyrusher is launching a 9th anniversary discount program on official website, tailored to meet customer demand for high-quality products at affordable prices.

Besides getting an electric bike at a very good discounted price, you can also expect more surprises. During the 9th anniversary discount period, every purchase of an e-bike on the Cyrusher website will grant customers the opportunity to receive a free 9th anniversary limited edition gift. This exclusive offer includes a stylish T-shirt, a hat and two keychains. At the checkout, customers can simply add the gift box and select their appropriate size and the items will be included in their order as a special gift. But there’s more to this celebration. For orders exceeding $1,500, customers will receive one lucky number, and for orders surpassing $3,000, they’ll be awarded two lucky numbers and so on. These lucky numbers offer customers the chance to win additional prizes, some valued up to $699.

Here’s what’s up for grabs: (Includes stores in USA, UK, Germany and France.)

Grand Prize: 1 x 1000W Power Station (Value: $699)
2nd Prize: 2 x FR100 Bikes (Value: $599 each)
3rd Prize: 2 x Bike trailer (Value: $349 each)
4th Prize: 10 x SR200 Rear Bags, 10 x Bike Locks, 10 x Helmets, 20 x Air Pumps
Note: Winners of a 2nd, 3rd or 4th prize may only claim a single item.

Celebrating Nine Years of Cyrusher

Cyrusher, the pioneering e-bike mobility company, embarked on a journey nine years ago with a visionary goal — to create personal mobility vehicles that are not only accessible but also eco-friendly and affordable. Their innovative designs and commitment to green technology has resulted in products that are transforming short-distance mobility worldwide. None of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of the Cyrusher team, whose collective expertise drives the company’s mission to serve customers around the globe.

To mark this momentous occasion, Cyrusher has planned a series of exciting events and rewards for its valued team members.

Cyrusher Cycling Event:

The Cyrusher US team is gearing up for an exhilarating cycling event. This affair isn’t just about riding; it’s about embracing the brand’s original vision of two-wheeled sports. Team members will hit the trails together, celebrating the spirit of mobility and adventure that defines Cyrusher. It’s an opportunity for the team to connect, bond and share their passion for cycling with the world.

China Headquarters Anniversary Celebrations:

Meanwhile, at the China headquarters, the anniversary celebrations are set to dazzle. From exciting lucky draws to special benefits, the staff will be treated to a day filled with surprises and appreciation. The lucky draws promise enticing rewards, ensuring that the hard work and dedication of Cyrusher’s team members are recognized and rewarded in style.

This 9th anniversary celebration witnesses Cyrusher’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and the global community of riders they’ve built over the years. As the company looks back on their journey, it eagerly anticipates the road ahead, filled with new adventures, cutting-edge products and a continued commitment to making short-distance mobility accessible to all.

Reflecting on Nine Glorious Years

Remembering nine sensational years, Cyrusher’s journey has been a blend of challenges and remarkable milestones. Beginning with the introduction of the fat tire e-bike, Cyrusher consistently upheld its commitment to delivering top-notch product quality while projecting a visionary long-term outlook. In a dynamic market, product excellence emerged as the keystone that withstood market fluctuations and Cyrusher’s unwavering dedication in this regard paid dividends. As societal policies embraced sustainability and environmental consciousness gained momentum, the appeal of e-bikes flourished. As a result, Cyrusher e-bikes found their way into the lives of a growing number of individuals, bearing witness to countless people rediscovering the joys of cycling.

The preceding 12 months marked a significant chapter in Cyrusher’s journey. The company ventured further onto the international stage, enhancing its global brand image through participation in international exhibitions. The introduction of the Trax, a step-through e-bike, and Nitro, Cyrusher’s inaugural mid-motor e-bike, set new industry benchmarks and expanded the accessibility and performance of electric biking. Furthermore, Cyrusher embarked on a journey into the realm of water sports with Thunder, its first electric surfboard, redefining the thrill of water-based activities.

Elevating Customer Experience

The voice of the customer is integral to Cyrusher’s design philosophy. It’s the driving force behind decisions such as increasing battery capacity, expanding the range of available vehicle colors and introducing mid-mounted motor models. These enhancements are a direct response to market demands, bringing customer preferences to life on the road.

Placing the improvement of purchaser experiences at the forefront of its priorities, Cyrusher has strengthened its efforts in customer engagement. Notable examples include the inspiring journey of amputee rider Peltier Rodolphe, who now enjoys an independent life with the aid of Cyrusher’s innovative products. Similarly, racing manager Graham Veryard has discovered newfound convenience, streamlining his daily commute with Cyrusher’s solutions. These success stories deepen the bonds between our brand and our customer community, establishing more direct lines of communication. The intuitive experiences shared by our customers breathe fresh energy into our brand’s growth, serving as the lifeblood that propels us forward.

Empowering a Greener Society

Cyrusher’s resolute commitment to green innovation and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with the evolving societal goal of achieving a zero carbon footprint. Over the years, Cyrusher has made a profound impact, extending its high-quality e-bikes to more than 60,000 riders across over 10 regions and countries worldwide. Cyrusher e-bikes have collectively contributed to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, lowering emissions by more than 50,000 tons. This quantifiable achievement stands as a testament to Cyrusher’s dedication to environmental responsibility and its role in diminishing the planet’s carbon footprint.

Embracing the Future

Cyrusher deeply appreciates the achievements of the past while looking ahead with unwavering determination to the limitless possibilities of the future. Though the road ahead may be filled with uncertainties, Cyrusher remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation, with a commitment to product excellence at the core of its development strategy. Simultaneously, the company is setting its sights on a higher-end market, dedicated to delivering top-tier mobility solutions to riders seeking the utmost in quality.

The expansion of our product categories will continue to be a focal point of our efforts. This evolution encompasses everything from enhancing the performance configuration of our products to pushing the boundaries of model design. Cyrusher’s commitment to diversification extends beyond land-based products and into the realm of water-based mobility, ensuring that the world of electrified transportation becomes even more versatile.

Cyrusher remains committed to its innovative journey, propelling electrified products into new territories and shaping the future of sustainable and convenient mobility for all. Cyrusher invites everyone to join in celebrating this journey of ingenuity, quality and sustainability as they mark their ninth anniversary. The company extends its heartfelt thanks to all who have been part of this remarkable story.

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a reputable producer of electric bicycles for professionals that has been successfully marketed in more than 10 nations worldwide. The electric bikes pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC requirements. An offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK and France. Additionally, Cyrusher is making innovative inroads in water sports equipment, dedicated to creating products that redefine adventure on the water. Cyrusher will keep expanding its product range in both land and aquatic areas to satisfy more individuals, offering a solution for zero-carbon, fast and convenient urban traveling.

Cyrusher Contacts:

US official website: www.cyrusher.com

UK official website: www.cyrusher.co.uk

French official website: www.cyrusher.fr

German official website: www.cyrusher.de

Phone: 01134900889

Email: [email protected]

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