Decades of Unseen Magic Brought to Life in a Limited-Run Production

 , Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hagerman, the enigmatic magician who has captivated live audiences for over two decades, is finally stepping into the limelight with his groundbreaking stage show tour. In a world saturated with televised magic and internet performances, Hagerman’s commitment to the art of live magic has remained unwavering, earning him the title of “the world’s most secretive magician.”

Often compared to the masters of magic seen on TV, Hagerman has deliberately chosen to keep his remarkable talent off the mainstream media, instead focusing on the intimacy and authenticity of live performances. “Television and online platforms offer a diluted version of magic. I believe in preserving the pure essence of this art form, which is best experienced live,” says Hagerman.

Plagiarism within the magic industry is a significant yet under-addressed issue. The creation of original magic requires years of dedication, practice, and creativity. However, unethical performers will do whatever is necessary to obtain the modus operandi and copy the illusion, undermining the original creator’s hard work.

This reality has led Hagerman to take a stand. In an unorthodox yet vital move, Hagerman has decided to ban most professional magicians from his performances. To ensure the exclusivity and purity of his art, professional magicians must obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement from hagermania.com to attend. “My magic is my artistry; it’s original, unique, and meant to be experienced directly by the audience. It’s about maintaining the integrity of the art form,” says Hagerman.

Hagerman’s “Magical Mystery Show” is the culmination of his twenty-year journey, performing thousands of live shows, untouched by television trickery or online exposure. The show promises an exclusive blend of humor, mystery, and original effects crafted through years of dedication.

The stage tour will commence in October in select cities across the country, with location details available on hagermania.com website. For those who have watched magic through the barrier of screens, this is an invitation to experience the raw, real magic that Hagerman has preserved and perfected over two decades. Witness the spectacle that has been kept under wraps for years, now unraveled for the true magic lovers.

More information about locations, tickets, and the NDA for professional magicians can be found at hagermania.com. Experience the magic as it’s meant to be. Experience Hagerman.

SOURCE Hagermania