Up to 16kWh: OUKITEL Unveils Expandable Home Backup Solution BP2000 & B2000


Up to 16kWh: OUKITEL Unveils Expandable Home Backup Solution BP2000 & B2000

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OUKITEL, a leading innovator in energy solutions, unveiled the OUKITEL BP2000 & B2000 Expandable Home Backup Solution on Sep 4th in the European market. Flexibility is always the first priority of OUKITEL’s innovations. The launch of the BP2000 + B2000 modular system brings extraordinary versatility.

Here’s an overview of OUKITEL BP2000 & B2000 Expandable Home Backup Solution.

  • Reliable Backup Power for Home Emergency and Outdoors
    Large 2048Wh capacity and constant 2200W AC output, BP2000 not only meets the emergency power supply of the family but also brings home comforts and plenty of power for short trips or long periods away from the grid, powering most of the appliances.
  • 2kWh-16kWh Expandable Battery Capacity: BP2000 with up to 7 x B2000 expansion batteries in parallel to reach 16kWh, and meet the family’s power needs for 1-6 days. Easily expand your power storage even when venturing outdoors. The robust structural design ensures stability and worry-free usage.
  • Rapid AC Recharging and Fast Solar: BP2000 charges from 0-80% in 1.5 hours with 1800W Max. AC input or PV1000W + AC1500W dual recharge to 80% in just 1 hour, ensuring quick recovery.
  • Seamless UPS in Less Than 10ms: The BP2000 functions as a 2000W Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), transitioning to battery power in under 10ms during blackouts, preventing data loss and device damage, and not causing any potential electric shock incident.
  • The Safest LiFePO4 Battery: BP2000 equipped with the most reliable and stable LiFePO₄ battery can endure 3500+ high charge-discharge cycles, 10 years long lifespan without replacement. Intelligent battery management system (BMS) technology provides overvoltage, overcurrent, high temperature, and short circuit protection to keep your family and property safe and sound.

Pricing and Availability

The OUKITEL BP2000 Power is now available in Europe. Users can visit the official OUKITEL website to purchase it at the final price of €1199. Act fast because the limited-time coupon will expire on September 20th. Don’t miss this chance to grab the exclusive coupon offer.


OUKITEL is empowering the public with sustainable energy storage products, and creating a new life of new energy. OUKITEL New Energy company is committed to being the world’s leading brand of new energy, specializing in providing people with large capacity, high power, portable, green household energy storage, and mobile storage power products. For more information, visit https://eu.oukitel.com/

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2211722/BP2000.jpg 



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