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Los Angeles, CA, February 08, 2024 –(PR.com)– UpKeep Technologies, a leading provider of digital solutions for maintenance and reliability management, is excited to announce the launch of an automatic checklist generator powered by AI.

“We know that checklists can be extremely helpful in ensuring that preventive maintenance is performed in a complete and timely manner,” said Ryan Chan, CEO of UpKeep. “However, we realize that they can be cumbersome to produce. This new AI-powered checklist generator was designed to make it easier for maintenance managers and operators to create, identify and track their maintenance work on their critical assets.”

When users enter UpKeep’s checklist module to create a new checklist, they will now see an option for AI Checklist Generator. Users can then select the asset type, number of tasks, checklist frequency, and type of checklist. Once the fields are completed, this tool will quickly and automatically generate an appropriate checklist for that specific asset.

“This generator is designed to support a variety of use cases including inspections, preventive maintenance, and audits,” explained Ryan Chan. “Although it is designed to be fairly specific, the primary purpose is to give maintenance managers a starting point to build and refine an even more customized list for each asset. We hope our customers will be able to generate more comprehensive checklists with much less work, which means both faster onboarding for staff and more complete maintenance for the organization as a whole.”

The new feature is incorporated into UpKeep’s existing CMMS solution, and is immediately available across all plans and to all customers.

To watch a demo visit, AI-Generated Checklist feature Video.

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UpKeep Technologies is a digital solutions provider for maintenance and reliability teams. The company’s products help organizations improve their maintenance and reliability management through innovative technology and data-driven insights. With a focus on simplifying complex processes, UpKeep is dedicated to making maintenance and facilities management easier for everyone.

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