Vamstar Introduces Groundbreaking AI Pricing Solutions for Healthcare Industry –

London, United Kingdom, May 18, 2024 –(– Vamstar, a global leader in AI-powered commercial, procurement, and supply chain solutions, proudly unveils its latest AI-driven pricing capabilities designed to empower Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies.

Vamstar’s innovative offerings include the AI-Based Pharma Net Price Tracker and the AI-Based MedTech Average Selling Price (ASP) Tracker, both currently in development and open for early registration in their pilot programs. These tools promise to revolutionise pricing strategies with unprecedented market insights and accuracy.

AI-Based Pharma Net Price Tracker

The AI-Based Pharma Net Price Tracker will provide real-time net pricing data across various markets, enabling pharmaceutical companies to optimise pricing strategies and maintain competitiveness. Key features include:

– Comprehensive Market Insights: Extensive coverage of global markets.
– Real-Time Updates: Continuous market and price updates.
– Strategic Intelligence: Actionable insights into pricing trends.

AI-Based MedTech ASP Tracker

The AI-Based MedTech ASP Tracker will assist MedTech companies in navigating complex pricing environments. It offers:

– Broad Market Coverage: Insights from over 40 markets.
– Precision in Pricing: Sophisticated methodologies for accurate pricing.
– Continuous Market Updates: Regular updates on market changes.

Future Capabilities and Expansion

These tools are part of Vamstar’s ongoing commitment to innovation, with future enhancements aimed at further empowering healthcare stakeholders with cutting-edge pricing and market intelligence.

About Vamstar
Established in 2019, Vamstar unifies expertise in pricing, market access, commercialisation, sourcing and procurement, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and data science to redefine how Lifescience organisations on each side of the market find and engage with each other.

Lifescience suppliers commonly encounter difficulties in identifying suitable purchasers for their products and services, whereas buyers are often uninformed about the extensive range of solutions accessible to them.

Our extensive knowledge and more than twenty years of research in this domain have enabled us to pinpoint significant areas in need of cutting-edge solutions. Particularly, the challenges include inefficiencies, elevated expenses, and the intricacies inherent in gaining market access, commercialisation, as well as in procurement and sourcing processes.

There is an urgent need for a more profound understanding of market supply and demand dynamics. Consequently, we developed a series of solutions powered by data science and artificial intelligence that centralise, refine, and consolidate insights and intelligence to drive clarity and efficiency.

Vamstar’s suite of platforms and services empowers teams with the necessary resources to identify expanded market opportunities, utilise real-time data analytics, and strengthen supply-demand relationships by synchronising commercial activities with sourcing and procurement processes.

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Tim Farnham
Director of Marketing, Vamstar
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