Vivienne Thompson Clements’s Newly Released “Wav-el, Fish, and the Spookies” is an Enchanting Tale of Friendship and Environmental Advocacy –

Tobyhanna, PA, May 22, 2024 –(– “Wav-el, Fish, and the Spookies Storybook” has an engaging narrative that highlights the bond between ocean creatures and the challenges they face due to pollution. “Wav-el, Fish, and the Spookies Children’s Storybook” is the creation of Published Author: Vivienne Thompson Clements, a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother with a passion for caring for the environment.

Clements shares, “Wav-el loves his ocean friends and especially his best friend, Fish. He’ll do whatever he can to protect them from harmful pollution that people, who he calls the Feet, cause to the water. He has seen the danger many times that his friends have come into by getting hit by the trash thrown into the water, and other times his friends got tangled up in plastics, bottles, and cans causing damage to their fins, and they wouldn’t be able to swim, and the entrapments keep them away from their families.

“Wav-el keeps watch over the ocean all the time making sure that the water stays safe for his friends.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Vivienne Thompson Clements’s new book captivates readers with its vibrant illustrations and uplifting message. It serves as a valuable resource for parents and educators seeking to instill values of environmental consciousness and kindness in young minds.

Consumers can purchase “Wav-el, Fish, and the Spookies: Friends in the Ocean Meet Friends from the Shore: A Children’s Storybook” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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