Walter Sawyer’s New Book, “400 Years Across the Ocean: The Birth of America,” is a Fascinating History of the Pilgrims’ Arrival to America & the Origins of a New Country –

Port Saint Lucie, FL, December 19, 2023 –(– Walter Sawyer, a veteran with a passion for early American history, has completed his new book, “400 Years Across the Ocean: The Birth of America”: a meticulously researched account of what life in early America was like when the Mayflower arrived in 1620.

“There must be a greater power than all of us,” says author Walter Sawyer. “In 1607, an Indian named Squanto was kidnapped from his village. He was taken across the ocean, where he lived with a monk named Brother Daniel for fourteen years. His dealings with the monks, learning a new way of life, enabled him to change his outlook on life. Squanto learned the sensitivity of being tactful and sympathetic to others. While Squanto was with Brother Daniel, he met William Bradford and John Carver while staying at the monastery. He escaped to a ship, going back to America in time to meet with the Pilgrims there.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Walter Sawyer’s new book details the events leading up to and following the pilgrims’ arrival on the Mayflower. What was the atmosphere of the surrounding Native American tribes like? And who exactly were all the brave souls who took a chance on a new world to escape persecution? “400 Years Across the Ocean” gives readers a thorough knowledge of the pilgrims who settled here all those years ago.

Walter Sawyer wrote this book in the hopes that readers would feel more connected to their country’s heritage. He noticed that the decline in the education system left many inadequately informed of the true story of the first Thanksgiving. One of Sawyer’s passions is dressing up in pilgrim garb as his own ancestor, John Alden, who was on the Mayflower. In doing so, he spreads knowledge about America’s beginnings. He now brings this knowledge to a wider audience in his new book “400 Years Across the Ocean: The Birth of America.”

Readers can purchase “400 Years Across the Ocean: The Birth of America” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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