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Ashburn, VA, May 31, 2024 –(PR.com)– Best Brains Learning Centers further expands as Best Brains Ashburn West. The center is preparing to open on June 14 weekend. Owner Samantha Naraharisetti has been working hard with the Franchise Success team for over 6 months to make her dream of learning center ownership a reality and is ready to begin offering high-quality after-school programs to students in the Ashburn West, VA area.

Samantha believes that Best Brains offers a well-structured, proven curriculum in subjects like math, English, abacus, and coding, ensuring quality education. She has seen and heard of the impact that Best Brains has on the community and felt like it aligned with her values and interests and adds that she is committed to being an integral part of the community, fostering strong relationships with parents, and contributing positively to the educational landscape in her area.

The center offers ample space to host a variety of programs for students and serves as a community hub for families prioritizing education. In-person classes are available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. Students can enroll in Math, English, Coding, and Abacus programs, all taught by qualified instructors. According to Franchise Success Manager Elanor Smith, “Our new locations all feature our Coding program.” She adds, “Offering Coding classes from day one at our newest centers generates significant interest from parents seeking engaging programs that enhance classroom skills, which is precisely what our program was designed to do.” Another distinctive feature of Best Brains is the Abacus program, which is designed to be both enjoyable and engaging, utilizing the right side of the brain to strengthen students’ overall cognitive abilities.

Samantha has had the opportunity to volunteer with Bhumi.ngo back in India. Bhumi focuses on bridging the education gap for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds. She taught math to elementary school kids for 3 years while also taking on various leadership opportunities at the NGO. She is continuing her passion for education with Best Brains.

For insights into how Best Brains Ashburn West can enhance your child’s academic performance, reach out at (571) 453-0000 or email ashburnwest@bestbrains.com