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Greenwich, CT, May 26, 2024 –(PR.com)– WHFF had committed to a soft launch (or pre-launch) of 50 top-quality supports at the end of 2023. By the 1st quarter of the following year, it received a total of 14,000 views and continued content delivery to over thousands of free subscribers around the world. Costs were reduced by completing surveys and continuing to serve ads via email. As we know, a household can have multiple viewers, so it’s likely that many more people watch a streamer’s series or movies than you expected. But streaming games does more than just drive subscribers, according to Netflix. Storage is required. One way he keeps viewers interested is to keep them excited about new series while they wait for their favorite shows to return. And while WHFF focuses on the parenting channel and is committed to healthy parenting, we welcome research on what the future holds.

One of the more popular returning series is the Un-Ideal Parent. A now depreciated podcast from iHeartRadio. Throughout the season, the shows focus on improving communication with siblings, parents and children, and parents who have difficulty engaging with their children. There were varying views presented by Dr. Rachel Levitch as host, but the points were clear. It’s hard work being an “ousted” parent that wants parenting rights and privileges enforced. Dr. Rachel Levitch works with Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships through building your personal self-image & managing emotions. She can be reached at https://dr-rachel-levitch.cid-edu.org. Her motto is simple: “your child(ren)s success depends on yours.”

Whether your child is an adult or under 18, there are triggers and traumas that even good parents must go through. And now, the series, which began on April 14, 2024, with the first episode of the second season, is a story about co-parenting with a less-than-ideal narcissist.

The Un-Ideal Parent’s season 2 episode 1, Dr. Levitch points out that narcissists only care about themselves. They don’t hesitate to humiliate or discredit others if it gets them what they want. But to be certain; tune in to the latest episode of the parenting channel at WHFF.tv. To contact Alan at www.cognitiveinstituteofdallas.org or egilbert@whff.tv