Yaskawa Motoman’s New YMConnect Communication Software Enables Customized Robot Applications – PR.com


Dayton, OH, May 15, 2024 –(PR.com)– Facilitating ease of use, the YMConnect software development kit (SDK) provides the ability to create customized PC applications that communicate with Yaskawa robots. The successor to MotoCom SDK, YMConnect uses a cross-platform library to control and monitor a robot over Ethernet, allowing for integration of a custom PC application with the robot controller.

Available with a dynamic motion interface, YMConnect can generate motion on-the-fly. Kinematic conversions between pulse, joint angles and cartesian coordinates are easily facilitated. The GitHub repository helps to distribute the free dynamic library. A discussion board sends messages directly to software development experts, when needed.

Exposed API provides intuitive function calls with straightforward error handling, and programming is achieved using modern C++ 17 language. Extremely user-friendly, YMConnect contains comprehensive code documentation for each function and example code for how to use those functions with an easy-to-use setup guide.

Common features that allow users to control how a robot interacts with its environment include: reading the configuration of axes, monitoring feedback position and torque, monitoring state of operations and errors, monitoring clear faults, and controlling and monitoring INFORM jobs. Reading and writing controller variables (byte, integer, double, real, string and position), as well as reading unlimited I/O is facilitated. Saving, loading and deleting files can also be completed – with deletion supported only for JOB files.

YMConnect is compatible with the YRC1000, YRC1000micro, FS100, DX200 and DX100 (DS2.07.00-00 and above) controllers. Windows® 10 (or newer) or Ubuntu 22.04 (or newer) is required. Dynamic motion interface is only available on the YRC1000 controller and newer.

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