Your Queer Career® by Dr. Steve Yacovelli launched in March 2024 from Publish Your Purpose –

Hartford, CT, March 22, 2024 –(– Consultant, speaker, leader, and author Dr. Steve Yacovelli has launched his new book, Your Queer Career®: Workplace Advice from “The Gay Leadership Dude®” (Publish Your Purpose, 2024, ISBN 979-8-88797-996-0, 979-8-88797-997-7, 979-8-88797-085-1) on March 20, 2024.

Navigating your career can be a challenge for any professional, but this is especially true for members of the LGBTQ+ Community. From having the courage to be your authentic self in the workplace to shaping your organizational culture to be more inclusive, sometimes balancing your “gay” job with your “day” job can be exhausting.

Now there’s help from “The Gay Leadership Dude®,” Dr. Steve Yacovelli. In Your Queer Career®, Dr. Steve draws from his almost 30 year’s experiences not just as a queer professional, but through his expertise in leadership and executive development, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting with some of the world’s top brands (such as Disney, IBM, Merck, TD Bank, Bayer, PBS, and many others). He addresses common workplace challenges like how to deal with microaggressions, having a homophobic boss, making Employee Resource Groups more effective, and more using personal anecdotes, a few bad “Dad” jokes, and solid, practical advice. The real questions he’s been asked from coaching clients are universal challenges to LGBTQ+ and Ally leaders in today’s modern workplace.

Whether you’re just starting your career or are further along in your leadership journey, this is the conversational, compelling, and groundbreaking book that will empower both the Queer and Ally Leader in everyone. Dr. Steve guides readers (queer or not) on how to not just survive but thrive in some of the most common workplace situations many of us face.

“Dr. Steve Yacovelli’s Your Queer Career is a must-read for LGBTQ+ individuals looking to make a lasting impact in their professional lives,” writes Larra Clark, Deputy Director of the Public Library Association. “His practical tips, combined with personal anecdotes, create an engaging and empowering read that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to conquer any challenge.”

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Dr. Steve Yacovelli will join Jenn T. Grace of PYP on Wednesday, April 3 at 1:00PM EST to celebrate the launch of Your Queer Career. The event can be viewed at:

Steve has had the pleasure of working with some great client-partners who he considers to be members of the TopDog “pack.” He’s thoroughly enjoyed helping his client-partners grow, develop, expand, and be successful with TopDog’s corporate learning, change management, diversity and inclusion, and leadership consulting goodness. With almost thirty years of experience in leadership, strategy, organizational learning, and communication, Dr. Steve is a rare breed of professional that understands the power of using academic theory and applying it to the corporate setting to achieve business results. Oh, and he’s quite fond of dogs, too.

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Publication Date: March 20, 2024, 218 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, hardcover, paperback, and eBook.
$19.99 paperback, ISBN 979-8-88797-997-7
$29.99 hardcover ISBN 979-8-88797-996-0
$9.99 eBook ISBN 979-8-88797-085-1