A Bold Step Towards the Future of Indian Supply Chain and Manufacturing


Bar Code India (BCI), a leading provider of supply chain solutions, proudly announces BCI 2.0 – a strategic vision to redefine the landscape of Indian supply chain and manufacturing processes. 

As part of this vision, Bar Code India (BCI) has undertaken an end-to-end transformation focused on creating an ecosystem of best-in-class solutions that unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, quality, and sustainability for its customers. This encompasses new product introductions, including IoT products, integrated software and hardware solutions, and a brand transformation for the entity.

This strategic pivot reinforces BCI’s unwavering commitment to anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of its customers in the dynamic realm of digital manufacturing and supply chains.

BCI 2.0 marks a new chapter with a more targeted and laser-focused strategy, highlighting our commitment to customer-centricity and our role in advancing Indian manufacturing to the next level of Industry 4.0. Our dedication to the ‘Make in India‘ initiative is not just a principle; it’s woven into the fabric of BCI 2.0 with the launch of new IoT products and software solutions,” said Ajay Bhutani, CEO at Bar Code India (BCI).

In addition to its technological advancements, BCI 2.0 encompasses a comprehensive overhaul of BCI’s visual identity, logo, website, and messaging – meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of its core values, vision, and mission. The new logo represents a fusion of innovation and expertise, showcasing BCI’s DNA and its consistent dedication to staying as industry leaders.

Ram Bhutani, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at BCI, underscored the core principles of BCI’s new vision, explaining, “With a legacy spanning over two decades, BCI 2.0 represents a bold leap towards the future. At the heart of BCI 2.0 is our commitment to a progressive, customer-centric, and forward-thinking approach. This reflects our dedication to elevating customer experience through advanced solutions and ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services. We are excited to share this transformative journey with our valued customers and partners.”

About Bar Code India (BCI)
Established in 1995, Bar Code India (BCI) has proudly led the charge in revolutionising supply chain technologies across India for over two decades.

BCI provides comprehensive intelligent supply chain solutions, including IoT, RFID, Automation, Software, and Barcoding for leading enterprises across India. 

With a team of 250 people across 8 offices in India, BCI is united in reimagining the Indian supply chain solution industry. 

New Logo: The simpler triangular geometric shapes, like arrows, symbolise the progress, forward-thinking and innovation that the brand helps others achieve in moving beyond. Taking a creative approach influenced by the structure of a QR code, our logo cleverly encapsulates the essence of fuelling transformation. Notably, the upward-pointing arrow within the logo is a powerful symbol, embodying our commitment to continuous improvement and the relentless drive to move forward. It signifies our dedication to pushing boundaries and creating a better world through our innovative solutions.

New Brand Colours: The deep-sea green colour symbolises the brand’s commitment to efficiency and adds a contemporary touch. It also represents sustainability and environmental consciousness and a commitment to fostering increasing sustainability across our customer operations. It retains the original ‘orange‘, paying homage to positivity and maintaining a connection to one of the primary colours from the brand’s previous logo. This combination of deep-sea green and orange signifies the brand’s dedication to modernisation while staying rooted in its positive heritage.

New Tagline: ‘Fuelling the Transformation’ implies actively and effectively supporting or propelling a change, evolution or improvement process. A change that BCI is committed to make. It communicates that the brand goes beyond mundane operations and is a catalyst for substantial positive change for others.

Renewed Mission: Unlocking excellence by driving efficiency, ensuring quality, and fostering sustainability across manufacturing and supply chains through visibility and intelligence.

Vision Statement: Deliver mission-critical products to the core of global manufacturing and supply chain operations. 

We are dedicated to redefining industry standards and empowering businesses with transformative solutions. We prioritise trust and transparency through unwavering ethics and respond swiftly to challenges with agility. We collaborate closely with our clients for shared success and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry through innovation.