Codebasics Launches #IamScamAware Campaign to Protect Students from Ed-Tech Scams

Codebasics, an online learning platform that provides high-quality, gimmick-free, and affordable learning, proudly announces the launch of its scam awareness campaign, #IamScamAware. It is an ongoing commitment to safeguard aspirants against unethical practices and fraudulent activities in the Ed-Tech industry. The campaign is for all age groups to understand and beware of unrealistic practices, and impart knowledge on preventive actions and remedies to get oneself out of the situation.

Mr. Hemanand Vadivel, Co-founder and CEO, Codebasics 

The campaign is divided into 3 partsLearn, Share, and Win. The first part of the campaign is ‘Learn’, where the aspirants take up a free-of-cost, scam awareness course. This is a 27-minute video published across Codebasics’ owned media platforms in English and Hindi. In this video, the Founders Mr. Dhaval Patel and Mr. Hemanand Vadivel highlight how to detect a scam, levels of scam detection, a checklist to safeguard against scams, and remedies to fight back. By the end of the course, the learners are put to test through a Scam Awareness Test to ensure a thorough understanding of the course.

For the second part of the campaign i.e. ‘Share’, the participants receive a certificate that is shareable on LinkedIn and an individual revolution link, which aids in spreading the word and helping others become aware of Ed-Tech scams. People who enrol through the revolution link are called ‘Revolution Partners’ and the higher the revolution partner generation, the higher the score for the original participant. (100 points for every revolution partner enrolment in Scam Awareness Course and 200 points for every Scam Awareness Course completion by revolution partner)

In the final leg of the campaign which is ‘Win’, participants with the highest points through the generation of revolutionaries as well as high scores in the test stand a chance to win scholarships. The top 3 scorers will win INR 1 lakh, INR 25,000 and INR 10,000 respectively. Additionally, the top 20 learners on the revolutionaries’ leader board will stand a chance to win surprise goodies.  

On the launch of the campaign, Mr. Hemanand Vadivel, Co-founder and CEO, Codebasics said, “In the last 3 years, many online courses have been released which have scammed lakhs of students. Ed-Tech companies use false promises and FOMO techniques to entice students and increase the sales of their courses. We, at Codebasics, take a deep interest in preventing students and aspirants from falling prey to these scams and hence we launched the #IamScamAware campaign. We take it as our moral responsibility to save as many people as possible from such Ed-Tech scams. Through our campaign, we have devised step-by-step ways in which we can spread the word and make others aware. We do not want any hopeful aspirant to be taken for granted and therefore, through our scam awareness course video we highlight the most common malpractices happening in the industry that go easily unidentified. So far, a total of 1668 learners have participated in this campaign and taken the test since the launch of the campaign. We take immense pride in being able to roll out this campaign at such a nascent stage in our journey at Codebasics and we hope to continue spreading the awareness.”

The #IamScamAware campaign will end on the 16th of March, 2024 and winners will be announced on the 31st of March, 2024. The top 3 winners will be rewarded through cheques. The winning scores are calculated through test percentage scored * revolution points. The campaign is currently live and is witnessing widespread positive feedback on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The campaign is further being pushed for maximum visibility through influencer marketing on Instagram.