CyberCatch Provides Unique Ransomware Risk Mitigation Tools to Help Organizations Avoid Falling Victim as Ransom Payments Exceed $1B –

San Diego, CA, May 08, 2024 –(– CyberCatch Holdings, Inc. (“CyberCatch” or the “Company”) (TSXV:CYBE), an innovative cybersecurity company offering an AI-enabled platform solution for continuous compliance and cyber risk mitigation, is pleased to announce several unique ransomware risk mitigation tools it is providing to organizations to help them stay safe from ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is now an epidemic and triple threat in key sectors, such as K-12, higher education, healthcare, municipalities and others, with ransom payments exceeding $1 billion USD in 2023, a 94% increase from 2022, according to Chainalysis.

Additionally, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, ransomware attack costs increased on average by 13% to $5.13 million USD.

CyberCatch has been providing to its customers a unique and highly effective proactive, ransomware risk mitigation solution-set comprised of three components:

1. Patented, proprietary AI-enabled cybersecurity controls assessment to quickly identify non-compliance with cybersecurity mandates, such as NIST 800-171, CMMC, NIST CSF 2.0, CAN/CIOSC 104, EU NIS Directive, among others, while also identifying cybersecurity controls gaps and blind spots to ransomware in an organization, and assist eliminate before attackers can exploit.

2. Table-top simulation of a ransomware attack tailored for the organization’s cyber risk profile to test its incident response plan and detection, response and recovery to ransomware, and enhance resiliency.

3. AI-enabled, pen-test specifically simulating a ransomware attack tailored for the organization to test effectiveness of all of the controls and the defense against ransomware, and assist eliminate security holes, so attackers cannot exploit, while also enabling full compliance with cybersecurity mandates.

CyberCatch’s growing list of customers are in critical sectors such as defense, manufacturing, information technology, financial services, higher education, K-12, healthcare, municipalities, among others, and are benefiting from CyberCatch’s unique AI-enabled solution-set.

Cybersecurity expert and CyberCatch founder and CEO, Sai Huda, continues to be consulted by the media to educate the industry on ransomware risk and how to mitigate on latest ransomware attacks. Here is a recent ransomware attack and the TV-interview:

CyberCatch also provides to organizations, especially the organization’s leadership, a clear, plain language understanding of the ransomware threat and the critical cybersecurity controls every organization must have in place, via its complimentary Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet and Podcast.

The Podcast enables any organization, in 30 minutes or so, to identify risk level and susceptibility to ransomware, whether the organization is at High, Moderate or Low risk of falling victim to a ransomware attack, and what controls one must implement to stay safe. About the experts delivering the Podcast:

Sai Huda, globally recognized cybersecurity expert, author of the best-selling book, Next Level Cybersecurity, author of the AI Risk Guide, co-author of Canada’s national cybersecurity standard and founder and CEO, CyberCatch. Additionally, Andy Kim, VP, CISO, CyberCatch, one of the leading CISOs globally, former CISO, Allstate, Head of Cybersecurity Consulting, FIS, and Cybersecurity Leader, Citigroup.

To access the complimentary Ransomware Risk Assessment Worksheet and listen to the Podcast, visit:

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CyberCatch Holdings, Inc. (TSXV:CYBE) provides a proprietary, AI-enabled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides continuous compliance and cyber risk mitigation to organizations in critical segments, so they can be safe from cyber threats. The CyberCatch platform focuses on solving the root cause of why cyberattacks are successful: security holes from control deficiencies. It first helps implement all mandated and necessary controls, then the platform automatically and continuously tests the controls from three dimensions (outside-in, inside-out and social engineering) to find control failures so one can fix them promptly to stay compliant and safe from attackers. Learn more at:

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