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Oro Valley, AZ, May 09, 2024 –(PR.com)– “Hope and the Kingdom of Galiwell”: a compelling fantasy that invites readers into a world of magic and adventure. “Hope and the Kingdom of Galiwell” is the creation of Dr. Debra Cunningham, a Christian author with a background in creative writing, teaching English at the high-school and college level, educational leadership, and youth ministry. Her doctorate is in teaching and teacher education with a minor in educational leadership from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Cunningham shares, “A child shivers in the darkest of forests. A powerful force threatens the entire Kingdom of Galiwell, and it’s pulling her closer, closer into a swirling, smoky mist of evil.”

Hope and the Kingdom of Galiwell is a novel about that child and a fantasy world filled with magical creatures. In the Kingdom of Galiwell, ten-year-old Princess Hope is eager to join the fight against her father’s enemies. Hope looks up to her older brother, Prince Beckon, who travels throughout the realm, fighting the evil that threatens their father and the kingdom. But Hope has a lot to learn about herself before she can meet her own ambitions. Hope’s headstrong, adventurous nature soon brings her to a corrupted forest filled with warped beings. Here she finds herself at the very doorstep of Dark Star, a formidable, evil being eager to destroy Galiwell—and capturing the princess would give him the power to do so.

In these twisted woods, Hope learns the secret of her true identity. She also meets good friends who will fight to help her escape the clutches of Dark Star. But when she discovers an unexpected weakness in her own character, Hope becomes enslaved to the very evil she despises. As her brother battles desperately against Dark Star’s cruel servants and their plot concerning an ancient agreement, Hope struggles to free herself from the wickedness that ensnares her. And when Dark Star demands a great sacrifice, will Hope be able to break free from the shadows that darken her soul?

This novel will capture the attention of young and old as it takes the reader on a journey to face evil and overcome it.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dr. Debra Cunningham’s new book shares a tale of bravery, friendship, and the power of hope in the face of darkness. Dr. Cunningham’s imaginative storytelling will captivate readers of all ages, taking them on a journey to confront evil and emerge victorious.

Consumers can purchase “Hope and the Kingdom of Galiwell” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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