Forbes Acquires Groundbreaking Digital Artwork “Circuit City – A Blueprint of Tomorrow” as Part of Its Expansion into Blockchain Art –

Palm Beach, FL, May 04, 2024 –(– In a strategic move that underscores the growing integration of digital art within the financial and cultural sectors, Forbes has acquired “Circuit City – A Blueprint of Tomorrow,” an innovative piece by the groundbreaking digital artist

Dr. Michael Frisch, PhD, known in the art world as DrCrypto. This acquisition marks Forbes’ first investment into art on the Bitcoin blockchain, specifically utilizing the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, heralding a new era for art and technology.

About “Circuit City – A Blueprint of Tomorrow”

“Circuit City” is an exemplary generative art piece that uses complex algorithms to depict evolving urban landscapes influenced by the possibilities of quantum computing. This artwork reflects on the potential for future cities to integrate advanced computational technologies, making urban spaces more efficient and sustainable. The dynamic nature of the piece invites viewers to consider the fluid and ever-changing nature of our environment and the role technology plays in shaping our world.

Forbes’ Role in Pioneering Blockchain Art

With its acquisition of “Circuit City,” Forbes is pioneering the incorporation of blockchain technology into traditional art collecting. This move not only validates the significance of digital art in the contemporary art market but also highlights Forbes’ commitment to embracing innovative technologies. By leveraging Bitcoin Ordinals, Forbes is setting a precedent for how artworks can be uniquely minted and authenticated on the blockchain, offering artists and collectors new forms of security and exclusivity.

To dive deeper into Web3, Forbes recently announced The Legacy Pass, which includes access to a curated membership club and benefits tailored to the builders, creators, and change-makers of the space. Benefits of this soulbound token include members’ names printed in the physical Forbes magazine, complimentary access to global events, including the Under 30 summit, and voting rights to a new Forbes Web3 list. Access to the pass is ensured through an allowlist application acceptance. A VIP code and application link for readers has been shared below. The Legacy Pass is minting late-May on at 0.33ETH.

VIP Allowlist Application
Code: Ordinals.xnd!3

Implications for the Art and Blockchain Industries

This acquisition is particularly significant for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, demonstrating the potential of these technologies to penetrate mainstream markets such as art collection and investment. It also showcases the practical applications of blockchain beyond mere financial transactions—here, enhancing the authenticity and collectability of digital art.

Exhibition and Viewing Details

“Circuit City” will be exhibited at prominent international venues, with dates and locations as follows:

· Paris, France: Starting May 2, 2024, at Muse Frames, Printemps

· Miami, Florida: May 2024, at Wynwood Arts District

· Palm Beach, Florida: Current May 2024

· Milan, Italy: Beginning May 16th, 2024, at Rinascente

· London, England: Date To Be Announced

The piece is also available for online viewing at, making it accessible to a global audience.

For More Information

For additional details about “Circuit City” or to request interviews with Dr. Michael Frisch, please contact:

Contact Information:

· Name: DrCrypto Art

· Email:

· Twitter: @DrCryptonft

As Forbes continues to explore the intersection of art and blockchain technology, “Circuit City – A Blueprint of Tomorrow” serves as a flagship example of how art can transcend traditional mediums, engaging with audiences in entirely new ways.