Loveforce International Releases Year End Report –

Santa Clarita, CA, December 31, 2023 –(– Loveforce International has released it’s Year End Report for 2023. The report focusses in on how various sectors of the company have performed over the past twelve months from January through December 2023. The report was compiled by Loveforce International’s CEO Mark Thomas.

Loveforce International currently covers four different but related business sectors. The sectors include Digital Music, Music Publishing, Book Publishing and Administrative Services.

The company’s Digital Music division saw Revenues up 20% over 2022. It released 93 different Digital Music Singles in 2023. The Digital Music Singles cover over 20 different music genres and sub-genres. The total number of Digital Music Singles released by the division since it’s launch in 2020 rose to 403. Since its launch the division’s Digital Music Singles have been streamed more than 35 million times. This statistic shows an increase of 2.5 million streams over the division’s total streams from inception through 2022. The Division’s music is streamed and downloaded in 157 different nations, an increase of 4 nations over 2022. The division signed one new recording artist (Bobby Long), in 2023. One of the recording artists previously signed (Rocky Peoples), passed away in 2023.

The company’s Music Publishing division has increased it’s song catalog to 630 songs Administered, Published, or Co-Published. That yields an increase of 80 new songs. Music publishing revenues are up 25% over 2022. This is mostly due to increased releases of songs in the music publishing catalog and retrieval of past royalties rescued from the “Black Box” of unclaimed funds in the USA, which was afforded by their advanced meta-tagging procedures.

The Company’s Book Publishing division has remained flat. Digital book sales are down but paperback sales are up slightly, possibly due to several of the division’s paperback titles being carried by Walmart in late 2022.

The Company’s Administrative Services division was launched in January 2023. It has steady revenues due to the need for back office tasks it offers. These are primarily database management (entering Meta-tagged information into databases directly linked to money collection) and copywrite registration services (primarily in the USA). Part of the reason for steady revenues is due to the fact that the Administrative Services division offers services to outside companies as well as divisions within Loveforce International.

“Overall, 2023 was another great year for our company,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas.

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