MANN+HUMMEL and OK Play India Introduce Revolutionary Technology to Combat the Menace of Air Pollution

OK Play India Limited and global filtration solutions company MANN+HUMMEL, in association with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce hosted a symposium to create awareness on air-pollution causes, effects and solutions in the national capital yesterday. The gathering brought together several senior dignitaries, government functionaries, NGOs, industry and academia to deliberate on solutions that can aid in tackling the incessant issue of air pollution.

L-R: Rajan Handa, Dr. Hendrik Selle, Hon’ble Justice Swatanter Kumar, Harald Spath, Sudeesh Karimbingal, and Markus Kolczyk

The symposium titled “Air-Pollution – its Causes, Effects, Prevention and Cure” was presided by senior delegates including Hon’ble Justice Swatanter Kumar, Former Judge Supreme Court of India by and Former Chairperson Former Chairperson National Green Tribunal, Shri Tarun Kapoor, Advisor to the Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi, and Dr. Hendrik Selle, Minister, Head of the Department of Economic & Global Affairs, German Embassy. The function was supported by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC).

The esteemed Hon’ble Justice Swatanter Kumar, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and Former Chairperson of the National Green Tribunal underscored the gravity of pollution as a global predicament. With an air of legal sagacity, he magnified the significance, contending that, in the vast tapestry of nations, India stands alone in grappling with the enormity of this environmental challenge.

During the inaugural event, Shri. Tarun Kapoor, Advisor to Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi, emphasized the significance of the topic, and conveyed that India is progressively embracing electric vehicles (EVs) due to concerns related to energy security and the environment. He stated, “The government is now prioritizing the advancement of this sector, aiming not only to increase the presence of electric cars, buses, and two-wheelers on our roads but also to establish India as a global manufacturing hub for these vehicles.”

In the realm of medical expertise, Dr. Gopi Chand Khilnani, Chairman of PSRI Institute of Pulmonary, delved into the profound impacts of pollution, emphasizing the quintessence of our existence: the quality of the air we respire. Dr. Khilnani, with an air of clinical profundity, accentuated the trajectory of pollution levels, portraying it as an escalating phenomenon gradually encroaching upon the very fabric of our well-being.

Extending support to India’s National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), Dr Hendrik Selle, Minister. Head of the Department for Economic & Global Affairs, German Embassy, said, “We also have a Green & Sustainable Development Partnership with the commitment of 10 billion euros for ten years which also includes reducing air pollution in three Indian cities, which began in 2019.” He stressed that, “Political actions cannot achieve these targets alone and called on private sectors to step in and deliver innovative solutions.”

The World Health Organization paints a grim picture, with around seven million people succumbing to polluted air yearly. Over 2 million Indians lost their lives to causes attributed to air pollution.

L-R: Rajan Handa, Managing Director, OK Play India Limited and Harald Spath, President & GM Original Equipment, MANN+HUMMEL

Sudeesh Karimbingal – Managing Director MANN+HUMMEL India & Vice President Rest of Asia said, “I am thrilled to announce our partnership with OK Play India Limited., which will play an instrumental role in our efforts to expedite the introduction and adaptation of technology for the specific market needs, aligning with our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of “Design and Make in India.”

Airborne particulate matter is not a single pollutant but a mixture of many chemical species. Those with a diameter of 10 microns or less (PM10) are inhalable into the lungs and can trigger adverse health issues. When every breath is risky due to polluted air filled with tiny PM 2.5 particles, it’s alarming. Air pollution is a primary global environmental concern, demanding immediate and strategic action.

“We acknowledge and appreciate the prompt initiatives undertaken by the Indian government to address this crucial issue. We believe in the immense potential of India’s growth story, and the Indo-German strategic partnership plays a pivotal role in achieving a sustainable and self-reliant future,” added Harald Spath, President & GM Original Equipment, MANN+HUMMEL.

Rajan Handa, Managing Director, OK Play India Limited, said, “We stand at a critical juncture in history, facing a challenge that knows no borders and spares no one – the menace of air pollution. This is not merely about a symposium or unveiling a new technology; it is about igniting a flame of change that spreads far and wide, touching the lives of every Indian. Today, Air pollution is not a distant problem confined to textbooks or news headlines; it is a stark reality that confronts us every day, permeating our homes, our streets, and our lungs. Air pollution knows no boundaries; it affects us all, indiscriminately. Therefore, a concerted effort, encompassing both governmental and private sector initiatives, is essential.”

OK Play India and MANN+HUMMEL introduced three pathbreaking products at the Symposium targeted at tackling the menace of air pollution. These include:

  • OurAir Mobile Air Purifiers: for healthier indoor air; reduce viruses, harmful gasses and allergens; catch >99.995% viruses with the integrated HEPA H14 filters – SARS-COV2 viruses including mutations + influenza and other viruses; can reduce unpleasant odour and harmful gases by using latest molecular filtration technology; have a positive effect on your bottom-line by reducing sick rate and increasing efficiency.

  • PureAir: solution for better air quality; nano fiber- enhanced filter elements with excellent filtration efficiency and best in class flow; resistance of capturing different types of fine dust; highly efficient clean air delivery rates (CADR) achieved by cutting age element design and state-of-the-art configuration (patent pending); the innovative PureAir fine dust filter box revolutionizes vehicle emissions, enhancing air quality outdoors and preventing measures like driving bans; can be adapted as a stationary system and installed in public spaces such as Metro, Bus Station and Convention Halls.

  • Filter Cube: powerful outdoor air purifiers for pollutant hotspots; helps improve air quality in places with high levels of air pollution such as traffic junctions or busy roads; also useful in particularly sensitive areas such as school yards, play grounds or outdoor food courts in order to efficiently reduce air pollutants. Available sensors record air and weather data as well as pollutant levels and transmit data to Cloud. Filter system controls itself depending on operating and ambient conditions and saves energy cost as the fan only runs when needed.

Calling for active support from the government, Handa said, “We seek the government’s support, not just in terms of regulations or incentives, but as a catalyst for transformative change.”

Attending the session on ‘Prevention & Cure of Air Pollution’, Pankaj Agarwal, Scientist & Divisional Head, Air Quality Management, Central Pollution Control Board, highlighted the measures taken by CPCB to mitigate dust such as MRS, anti-smog guns and fountains. He noted, “As a result of taking various initiatives, out of 131 non-attainment cities under the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), 90 cities have improved their PM10 concentration, out of which 50 have met the target also.”