Monika Danhof’s New Book, “WWII: Through the Eyes of a Child,” is a Series of Stories That Chronicle the Author’s Childhood in Germany During the Nazi Regime –

Palm City, FL, May 06, 2024 –(– Fulton Books author Monika Danhof has completed her most recent book, “WWII: Through the Eyes of a Child”: a thought-provoking collection of stories from the author’s childhood growing up in Nazi Germany, and how she and the other children found ways to live and help their communities despite the horrors around them that they were often shielded from.

German-born author Monika Danhof has been a proud US citizen since 1974. She also treasures her German heritage, and some of her stories based on childhood memories from WWII and after have been published by the “New Yorker Staats-Zeitung” and appear in the anthology collection of the Clarkesville Writers Society as a member when vacationing in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Northeast Georgia. Retired from banking and real estate careers, she cared for dementia patients as a licensed CNA with special training certified by the Alzheimer Association and joined Mind&Melody, a group of musicians entertaining residents in assisted living facilities as a volunteer.

“The following are true stories from children growing up in a strange and bizarre world under the notorious Nazi Regime during WWII, authentically telling them in their own words and as seen through the ‘eyes of a child’,” writes Danhof.

“They constantly feared and wondered about some horrible things they had seen and heard—people being forcefully dragged out of their homes, dreadful screams from someone being beaten to death, lifeless bodies hanging from trees, friends and people they knew disappearing overnight—and were desperate to find out the truth in their own courageous ways as their many curious questions were harshly brushed away with the words ‘Hush, hush! You have not seen anything, and you do not tell anyone!’

“Bravely, they endured earth-shattering air raids in dark freezing-cold bunkers and shared the exhilarating joy expressed by every surviving soul. Amazingly, in the middle of chaos, they played happily in the rubble of war.

“Read about the children’s own ingenious humanitarian aid campaigns they created and how their accomplishments were able to bring much-needed relief to many elderly and sick citizens of their small town.

“Lastly, learn about the children’s curious and heart-warming relationships they formed with the soldiers of the Ninetieth Infantry Division of the United States Army in Germany in April 1945.”

Published by Fulton Books, Monika Danhof’s book brings to life the paradox of war, and what experiencing the atrocities of the war through the naive and innocent eyes of a child was truly like. Deeply personal and emotionally stirring, Danhof shares her stories to help modern readers of all ages remember the children of the past, and the lives they lead amidst the struggles they endured.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “WWII: Through the Eyes of a Child” online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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