New Book Reveals the True History and Power of Love –

Maumee, OH, February 07, 2024 –(– New author KC Love has released a powerful self-help book that claims to illuminate the secrets of love that go beyond the human embrace. It is entitled “Agape: LOVE—Let Our Virtue Emerge,” and discusses agape (pronounced aga·​pe), which in Christianity is the reciprocal love between God and His creation.

“The world seems so angry and it feels like we’re more divided than ever. My goal is to change that mindset. If we can dig under the surface, we’ll find more similarities than not. Welcome to my journey to share the story of love,” Love explained.

In the book, Love says you’ll discover the true meaning of agape and beyond mere affection and dive into the heart of God’s unconditional love. You’ll also uncover your inner virtue by learning how to cultivate agape within yourself, letting compassion and kindness guide your interactions.

You’ll bear witness the enduring strength of agape in the face of life’s challenges as well as recognize the common thread that binds us all, fostering connection and understanding.

“Agape isn’t your Hallmark card love story. It’s the divine spark, the unconditional embrace that transcends human limitations. Dive into its profound depths and discover a love that transforms,” said Love.

“Agape: LOVE—Let Our Virtue Emerge” promises to let you unleash your soul’s hidden power, radiating kindness that goes above and beyond circumstance. This isn’t passive piety, Love explains; it’s a potent force for good, wielded with purpose.

“Life’s challenges may test, but agape stands firm. Witness its unwavering strength, a beacon of solace and guidance through the darkest valleys. It’s a love that defies limitations, offering hope and resilience in the face of adversity,” she continued.

This is Love’s first book, fulfilling a lifelong dream to share her thoughts, ideas, and feelings on this powerful subject.

“Agape reveals the invisible thread that binds us all, a tapestry woven from shared experiences and the yearning for connection. Bridge the gaps and discover the profound unity that overcomes our differences,” Love added.

“Agape” is distributed by Bublish and available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats on Amazon and all major online retailers. Connect with KC Love at Learn more about Bublish and it’s author services at

About the Author
KC Love was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. KC’s love of family and friends is most important to her. When she is not spending time with her loved ones, you can find her writing, watching movies or eating at one of her favorite restaurants. “Agape LOVE—Let Our Virtue Emerge” is her first book. KC believes love never fails.

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