New LGBTQ+ Screenplay Wins Platinum in Film Festival –

New York, NY, February 15, 2024 –(– Long Island writer debuts emotional story based on true events shining much needed light on opioid crisis in queer community.

“You Are What You Love,” a sapphic drama about a young woman struggling with recovery from her opioid addiction while navigating love and loss, recently won Platinum in the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival.

The screenplay, based on true events, gives a realistic portrayal of the unique obstacles the LGBTQ+ community faces on their recovery journey through an emotionally compelling story. Writer Christine Oliva-Castillo makes her debut onto the public stage with the story of Leah, a young lesbian navigating the intense pain of addiction while entangled in a complicated romance.

The screenplay has already been recognized by the Script Hall of Fame on who reported: “The writer’s voice is characterized by raw and emotionally charged dialogue, vivid and descriptive narrative, and a focus on introspection and character development.”

The Toronto Female Film Festival recently said, “This script works really well. The author has constructed an emotionally compelling and nuanced narrative which is supported by natural dialogue and strong visual language. The author has a strong sense of writing for the visual language and it is easy to see how this would translate to the scene for an entertaining and heartfelt viewing experience.”

The recognition is an exciting step forward in helping to spread the word of an amazing story impacting this community.

“More stories need to be told that bring attention to how the opioid crisis affects queer lives,” said Oliva-Castillo, “and with overdose rates at an all time high, we need to normalize stories that instill hope and demonstrate that recovery is possible.”

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