Relatable, formerly What Do You Meme?®, now showcasing newest products and upcoming 2024 releases of toys, plush, collectibles and games for kids and families of all ages

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Relatable (formerly What Do You Meme?®), a modern entertainment and consumer product company inspired by pop culture and social media, is now displaying its vast assortment of card games, board games, murder mystery games, plush, pet products and more at the 2023 New York City Toy Fair in booth #6477 from Sep. 30 through Oct. 3, 2023, at the Javits Center.

“It’s been an impressive year for us as we’ve not only released a numerous amount of exciting new products across multiple categories, but we also recently rebranded from What Do You Meme?® to Relatable,” said Tom Emelo, Chief Strategy Officer at Relatable. “Continuing to grow our brand while staying true to our roots in pop culture and social media trends has been a fun and rewarding experience. Whether it’s new categories like murder mystery game Who Killed Mia? and the hilarious cat toy ScratchPad Pro, or children’s games highlighting top licenses like Squishmallows, we’re thrilled to be here at Toy Fair showing off our newest releases and previewing what’s to come in 2024.”

From the hottest licenses, to original game concepts, to the rapidly growing murder mystery category, Relatable initiated as a games company and continues to identify social media and pop culture trends that bring consumers of all ages off their phones or computer screens and together around a table for hilarious fun. Such titles include:

  • Squishmallows Take4 ($14.99): Squad Up with Squishmallows Take4 in this fast-paced family game for plush lovers. Players race to collect four of a Squad before their opponents, choosing their card carefully from those in play. If they reach for the same card as another player, they’ll have to race to grab the exclusive Benny The Bigfoot Squishmallow! This portable game lets players squad up anywhere, so players can play with friends and family ages 18 months+.
  • Waffles vs Pancakes ($14.99): Introducing Waffles vs Pancakes, the blindfolded breakfast scoop-up game for family game night! Using a spatula, compete to scoop up as many waffles or pancakes as possible, before time runs out – just don’t grab the other team’s pieces! Look out for special Power Ups too. This game is fun for ages 8+.
  • Search Party: Chaos At The Park ($24.99): A 2023 TOTY Game of the Year Finalist! This 3D Search and Find action-packed board game challenges players to practice their problem-solving skills while unraveling context clues to find the hidden objects. Search Party is like a modern-day Where’s Waldo meets Scooby Doo, offering nostalgic gameplay for adults and kids ages 8+, leaving the whole family wanting to play again and again.
  • The Ultimate Pre-Game Board Game ($19.99): A board game that changes with every play. When played as a drinking game, players 21+ place a cup in the center of the board, pick a playing piece, and roll the dice to move around the board. Each square along the way rewards or punishes players with fun challenges, which is also fun for kids who play with water, juice or soda. The QR codes lead to a source of mini-games that are updated periodically. This game will be available for purchase in 2024.
  • HydroBursts – Poop, Classic Balloon and Grenade ($22.00): Say goodbye to boring water fights and hello to a hilarious and sustainable soaker sensation! Bounce, squeeze, and hurl these vibrant, eco-friendly balloons for a truly unforgettable experience. Get ready to make a splash, unleash your imagination, and join the HydroBursts revolution of unforgettable water-filled adventures! This product is an exclusive at Walmart.
  • Who Killed Mia? ($29.99): This brand new murder mystery game plays out a plot where mega-influencer Mia Star is murdered during a livestream to millions, moments before she’s set to present at the Replay awards. Players 17+ need to find out who killed her—before it’s too late.

In addition to its Games lineup, Relatable continues to grow its Plush division. From adorable Emotional Support plushies in the form of everyone’s favorite comfort foods to snuggly heating pad characters sure to soothe anyone’s aches and pains, newly released and upcoming products include:

  • Emotional Support Fries, Dumplings, Strawberries and Chicken Nuggets ($14.99 each): Whether you eat your feelings or need the added comfort, Relatable’s line of emotional support plushies are here for you. From happy and sad to flirty and mad, Emotional Support plush are now available as Chicken Nuggets, Dumplings and Strawberries, and we of course can’t forget the original top seller Emotional Support Fries. Relatable will have even more new foodie plush in 2024 as consumers of all ages gobble these up!
  • Menstruation Crustaceans – Lobster, Crab and Shrimp ($24.99 each): These microwaveable plush heating pads are as functional as they are adorable. Just microwave for one minute and then apply it to the affected area. Whether it’s period cramps, muscle pains, or just a bad mood, these cuddly crustaceans will soothe away the pain with warmth and a relaxing lavender scent and are great for all ages.
  • Squishmallows Heating Pads – Cam, Archie and Wendy ($27.99 each): In an exciting expansion of the licensed range, these lovable Squishmallows characters will soon be available as heating pads here to help relieve comfort when you need it most! The line of three characters will be available for all ages in Spring of 2024.

This year for the very first time, New York Toy Fair will have a dedicated section to highlight innovative new pet products. Relatable introduced late this year two new toys ideal for pet lovers and plans to expand the line in 2024:

  • Scratchpad Pro ($29.99): This iconic kitty toy is the scratching post of your cat’s dreams. Based on the viral trend, this helpful and hilarious cardboard laptop is perfect for keeping your furry friends occupied and away from your new couch. Turns out the best way to keep them from walking over your laptop when you’re WFH is to give them one of their own.
  • Paws & Relax ($29.99): This turtle-shaped pet massager helps give any cat, dog, bird, and/or lizard a spa day with its four twirling paws. With an adorable turtle body, this is the perfect addition to any arsenal of pet wellness products.

Toy Fair attendees should make sure to visit Relatable at Booth #6477 from Sep. 30 through Oct. 3, 2023. More information on Relatable and its robust product assortment may be found at

About Relatable
Relatable is a modern entertainment company in the Toy and Game space, inspired by pop culture and social media, with a variety of offerings to spice up game night and daily life. The company recently rebranded from What Do You Meme?, (originally named after its flagship game), to reflect its impressive and wide variety of offerings across adult, family, drinking, relationship games, and more. Some of these include Buzzed, Let’s Get Deep, the upcoming 2023 launch of Who Killed Mia?, as well as viral hit lifestyle products like the Happy Helpers Menstruation Crustacean heating pad. Co-founded by Ben Kaplan, Elie Ballas, and Elliot Tebele in 2016, Relatable has become the fastest-growing toy and game company in the industry, with more than 30% market share in the adult party games space. Its signature game What Do You Meme? was even crowned Amazon’s #1 best-selling game. Products from Relatable are available at retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon and online at For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram at @byrelatable and Tiktok @by_relatable.

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