Status Group International Declares 2024 “The Year of the Entrepreneurs” –

New York, NY, May 09, 2024 –(– Status Group International Corp., a 17 year global business development consultancy, has seen record intake of private capital requests on a previously unknown level. CEO and co-founder Allan Goldner states, “It’s like kids in a candy store for our represented investors. We have never seen such an upload of start-ups, early-stage, and developmental private capital requests, in every industry and country, most especially the USA, India, and significantly throughout Africa. As we look to maximize the deal flow with investment capital relationships, we are interviewing new referring associates and dedicated investors.”


Status Group International’s mission is to function as a highly private and confidential consulting firm engaged explicitly in international brand development and deployment, private capital investment facilitation, interim C-Suite Level services, and essential business products. In addition, SGIC shall guide, counsel, and coordinate documentation and communication while extensively protecting all parties towards developing a mutually beneficial relationship between those clients, investors, and partners, whereby they may realize a successful venture.