The Official Sunscreen Partner for Premiethon Chennai 2023 and Chennai Runs 2023, Supporting Preterm Babies and Children’s Education

CHOSEN by Dermatology, a leading skincare brand committed to safe and skin-friendly products, proudly announces its collaboration as the official sunscreen partner for two significant marathons in Chennai-Premiethon Chennai 2023 and Chennai Runs 2023.

Trial Packs – an instant hit and much appreciated by the runners at the Marathon

Premiethon Chennai 2023, organized by Premiethon Extramile, took place three days ago, aiming to create awareness and raise funds for preterm babies under the theme ‘The Hope Run’. The second marathon, ‘Chennai Runs 2023‘, organized by Madras Round Table 1, is dedicated to raising funds for the infrastructure of schools for needy children.

Chennai Runs 2023 is scheduled for 26th November 2023.

Both initiatives align with CHOSEN’s commitment to supporting meaningful causes and promoting overall well-being. As the sunscreen partner for these marathons, CHOSEN provided participants with their SAFESCREEN® sunscreen trial packs.

The high SPF protection offered by CHOSEN’s sunscreen aims to shield participants from the intense sun during the marathons, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Ms. Komalalakshmi, Social Media Strategist at CHOSEN, sharing her views on this partnership, and the opportunity to contribute to these impactful initiatives, said, “CHOSEN is proud to support Premiethon Chennai 2023 and Chennai Runs 2023 as the sunscreen partner. Our SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road sunscreen is effective and safe for all, including pregnant and nursing individuals, infants, and children.”

We believe in not only curating effective products but also ensuring they are safe for your skin, regardless of age or stage of life. Our partnership with Premiethon Chennai 2023 and Chennai Runs 2023 reflects our dedication to supporting important causes and fostering overall well-being,” she added.

CHOSEN by Dermatology is renowned for its commitment to safe and skin-friendly products. CHOSEN products are endocrine disruptor-free, paraben-free, and mercury-free, ensuring they are non-carcinogenic and safe for users and the environment.

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