Ulterground Records Presents the “Happiness Machine,” a New Single by Stefan Kristinkov – PR.com


Brooklyn, NY, May 10, 2024 –(PR.com)– This third installment in the “Untold Stories” series collection single, inspired by an award winning animated short film, delves into profound themes that resonate with our human experience. The composition of the Happiness Machine weaves together repetitive motifs, mirroring the monotony of everyday life. From the rhythmic heartbeat of a clock to the mundane tasks that fill our hours, the music echoes the familiar patterns we often overlook. Through haunting melodies and evocative harmonies, it paints a vivid portrait of isolation amidst a bustling world. It captures those moments when we feel adrift, even in the midst of countless faces. Beneath its hypnotizing surface, Happiness Machine explores the delicate balance between hope and disillusionment. Like a mirage on the horizon, the promise of happiness can sometimes lead us astray, leaving us yearning for something intangible.

As you listen to this musical journey, allow yourself to unravel the layers of emotion and introspection. “Happiness Machine” invites you to reflect on your own untold stories, hidden beneath the surface of everyday existence.

Untold Stories: Happiness Machine is available on all major streaming and download platforms starting May 10, 2024.

Stefan Kristinkov is an eclectic composer, known primarily for his work in independent films, and a clarinetist with an extensive performing background, currently based in the New York City.

His music is characterized by its inventiveness in combining diverse, often unexpected musical elements, blurring the boundaries of styles and genres.
Regardless of being an accomplished musician, music producer and an ambitious composer with years of professional experience, Stefan retains a profound curiosity allowing him to consistently explore new ideas and pursue unique creative solutions.