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Bozeman, MT, May 07, 2024 –(PR.com)– In a significant milestone that marks a new era in healthcare delivery, Wiser Wellness, a vanguard in the telemedicine industry, has been awarded the 2023 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Spark Award. This prestigious accolade reflects the company’s profound dedication to the highest standards of integrity, workplace culture, customer relationships, and community support—principles that are deeply woven into the fabric of Wiser Wellness’s operations and ethos.

Embarking on its journey amidst the unprecedented global health crisis instigated by COVID-19, Wiser Wellness emerged as a beacon of innovation, continuity, and hope for patients and doctors alike. The company has distinguished itself by providing quick and easy, same-day appointments with expert physicians via telemedicine, with a focus on the underserved, rural, and remote areas of the country. This service eliminates traditional barriers to healthcare access, thus embodying the company’s vision of equitable and universal healthcare availability.

The BBB Spark Award, is the epidemy of entrepreneurial excellence. It is only awarded to businesses that have ignited the market with their endeavors for three years or less, or to those led by young visionaries who exhibit exceptional leadership character, create a positive workplace culture, nurture customer relationships, and engage in community support. Wiser Wellness, with its dynamic ascent in the telemedicine field, exemplifies these virtues.

“Being honored with the BBB Spark Award is a momentous milestone for Wiser Wellness,” said Brittany Lyons (Wiser), Co-founder, and a beacon of inspiration as an accomplished attorney and former Miss Montana and Miss Montana USA. “It reflects our relentless dedication to not just healthcare innovation, but to the integrity and ethical stewardship we consider essential in our operations. As a leader, I strive to embody the virtues of transparency and empowerment in every facet of our business, ensuring that our services enrich not just our patients’ lives, but also those of our team members and the wider community we serve.”

Brandan Lyons, Co-founder, President, and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO), emphasized the strategic vision of the company, stating, “Wiser Wellness is not just a healthcare provider; we are a transformative force in the telemedicine landscape. Leveraging my expertise in health, safety, security, and risk management, we’ve built an organization that not only anticipates the needs of the market but also addresses them with quick and secure solutions. This award recognizes our commitment to excellence and our pledge to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation.”

With plans to continue expansion nationally, Wiser Wellness is poised to widen its reach and impact, delivering on its promise to make healthcare simple and accessible to everyone.

For more detailed information about Wiser Wellness, the revolutionary scope of its services, and the broader implications of the BBB Spark Award, please visit: wiserwellness.com.

About Wiser Wellness Founded amid a global health crisis, Wiser Wellness has rapidly ascended as a leader in telemedicine, dedicated to bringing alternative medicine and comprehensive healthcare to the doorsteps of those in rural, remote, and underserved regions. With advanced telecommunication technologies, Wiser Wellness is not just connecting patients to expert healthcare providers, but also pioneering a movement towards a more empathetic, responsive, and accessible healthcare system.

Wiser Wellness is proud to announce it has won the prestigious 2023 BBB Spark Award for outstanding leadership and service in telemedicine. This honor highlights Wiser Wellness’s commitment to integrity, innovation, and community engagement in healthcare. For more on this transformative force in telemedicine, contact Hi@wiserwellness.com.